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Updates And News

Updates And News
OFFICIAL ALBUM - "All My Styles"
OFFICIAL ALBUM - "Auxiliary Sound Test"
OFFICIAL ALBUM - "The WaterRoom Mini-EP"
OFFICIAL ALBUM - "Western Star Battle Disco Wars"
OFFICIAL ALBUM - "Every Day Journey"
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Hello, it's me again, back from the gates of Hell.   Lololol  BUT YES, GOOPHBALL IS BACK AGAIN WITh AN UPDATE, AND TUNES.  There's been some aesthetic changes made to the site, as well as an entire new song set added.  It's under the name of All My Styles.  I'm going to stop saying I'm gonna update so much, cause I never do.  Lols.  Buuuuuut, hopefully the long wait has been worth it.  All My Styles is my most well-crafted song tune to date, and it's named so for reasons that will become apparent upon listening to the song set.  Should be a little bit of everything in there for everyone to enjoy.  ;)  I think I'm going to work and finish Desdemona next, and update the old tunes of the set that already exist.  I'm in a really gamey mood :D

11-26-07 - Construction on begins! Lots to do!

Lol Booty