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OFFICIAL ALBUM - "All My Styles"
OFFICIAL ALBUM - "Auxiliary Sound Test"
OFFICIAL ALBUM - "The WaterRoom Mini-EP"
OFFICIAL ALBUM - "Western Star Battle Disco Wars"
OFFICIAL ALBUM - "Every Day Journey"
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These are the sound sources for various tunes of mine.  You may view these in text files.

All My Styles Sound Credits

Auxiliary Sound Test Sound Credits

Western Star Battle Disco Wars Sound Credits

Every Day Journey Sound Credits

Pitch Bender Sound Credits

Xkloosiv Sound Credits

Patience Sound Credits

I have tried hard to abide by everyone's wishes of being credited for sound sources, but I'm not even certain the origins of some of my soundfonts and samples. If you hear a sound in any of my tunes that you believe you should be credited for, contact me at and I will see to it that you are swiftly included in this credits page under the appropriate source listing.